Branding, Digital/Website, Interiors, Logo, Merchandising, Messaging, Print, Signage, Social
About This Project

What happens when you bring friends together who are spirited indoor cyclists? They fall in LOVE. The vision of Stephanie Kincheloe and Maria Groten was brought to life by their deep connection to people and their ability to inspire. We were grateful to help launch LOVE Cycling Studio by developing their messaging, logo, style guide, social channels, signage and website design. We worked with Frey Architects on the flow of the space and the amenity details, adding a curve to the reception desk to welcome in a more embracing way and a wall with music quotes to motivate. The color palette was chosen to create a spa-like experience. As you enter or depart the cycling ‘box’, you take a relaxing breath and connect to those around you. Additional work for LOVE includes merchandise, posters and print ads. Join us and the LOVE team for an experience that will move you physically, emotionally and spiritually.