Branding, Design, Logo, Signage
About This Project

Located in Wimberley, New Braunfels and Canyon Lake area, Daddy Sam’s asked us to help increase their business. We knew elevating the design would help, but we went deeper to understand the customer experience. We researched how people entered the wash, the options they selected and the products they used. We also asked them if they understood the instructions. We found that the signage wasn’t clear and very few people knew the correct way to wash their car to maximize their $6 full-use purchase. We built a color palette that evoked the freshness of water and with a vintage vibe to elevate the look and the perceived quality. We redesigned the overall color palette of the buildings, created a picture-based instructional signage system, designed and reordered the meter boxes. In the first week after re-design, sales doubled and have since maintained a steady flow of financial return.