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Meet Bizologie – Our Partners in Starting Out Reports

What do you get when you combine experts in branding and marketing with experts in competitive intelligence and business funding? The Starting Out Report, of course!

With a shared passion for fueling entrepreneurs and a limited window of working hours to do so, the senior teams at well+done DESIGN and Bizologie hatched the idea of consolidating our decades of experience and advise. The result is a comprehensive Starting Out Report covering the most common and critical questions that all entrepreneurs must ask as they look to start, grow or pivot their business.

In this segment Bizologie Partners  and Research Analysts, April & Laura share more about how their experiences at Austin Ventures, the McCombs School of Business, and the University of Texas School of Information have exposed them to advising and performing due diligence for notable startups such as HomeAway, RetailMeNot, MapMyFitness, Magnablend, Bazaarvoice, Silvercar, Spredfast, and many more.

Each Starting Out Report takes you, the entrepreneur, through the entire process of starting your own business. Whether you have a concept you want to validate, an existing business you want to shift or take to the next level, let Starting Out Reports be your guide. In our Food & Drink Starting Out Report, we cover the following crucial segments

  • 2017 industry trends and buzzwords
  • 15 questions to consider as you start your business
  • How to identify your Total Addressable Market or TAM
  • Consumer trends
  • Competitive Analysis by looking at Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats or SWOT
  • Regulations in the food and drink industries
  • What is a UPC Code and what you should know
  • All about Kitchens and capacity
  • The process of creating your brand
  • How to message your brand to consumers
  • Naming exercise and considerations
  • Logo development
  • Packaging, Print and Distribution of your final product
  • How to get your product on the most enviable shelves
  • and most importantly Funding!
    • Lending
    • Angel Investors
    • Accelerators
    • Venture Capital

The Venture Capital section alone more than covers the investment in the report. In this section, Bizologie shares 2016 deal history and analysis to see what segments of the food and drink segment are getting what share of the investment dollars. There is also a comprehensive directory of over 70 venture capital firms who invest in food and drink companies. In this directory, we give you each firms website, physical address, phone number, contact names and verified email addresses, examples of companies in which they have made an investment and each individual firms investment criteria.

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