well+done DESIGN

We create to connect to the positive. That’s why we choose to work with companies and people we love. Our strength is combining business savvy with creative know-how to help you design, prioritize and grow a lasting and strong brand. We’re small by design. Our client roster is small. Our group is small too, because after 20+ years working on the client and agency side, we know small has its advantages – advantages like efficiency, better communication and easier collaboration. All of which allows us to connect better with you. Small combined with experience, well, that’s where the real fun begins. We create solutions quickly, answer business problems readily, change course easily and manage the work instead of each other. Add our passion to the mix and the result is a whole lot of good.

Have a creative need? Need help identifying how to market your business? We can help you by developing and designing tools which embody your brand such as: messaging, logo and graphic identity, sales collateral, packaging, merchandise, interior and exterior signs, advertising campaigns, story telling videos, events, employee handbooks and websites.  When it comes to implementation, we can guide you on strategy and design with everything from your interiors to your social campaign – you name it, we’ve done it. And, let’s say we win the lottery tomorrow. We’ll still be right here because we love what we do.

Alisa Weldon

Alisa thinks out of both sides of her brain. She sees strategy in all she creates and believes that creative problem solving should drive business growth as much as emotional connection to customers. In 2007, she founded well+done DESIGN and L Style G Style with a goal to give to her community. A graphic designer by trade, she cut her teeth on the opening of HEB’s Central Market in 1994 by leading marketing and design as the regional art director for 5 years. From there, she was hand-picked by T3 Advertising as one of the youngest Art Director for the Dell Small Business division team designing catalogs and direct mail for a host of internal Dell projects. In 2001, she launched VoxGroup as Creative Partner and led all marketing and design for clients such as JEEP, Whole Foods Foundation, 2nd Street District, The Scooter Store, Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union and numerous others.